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The best EDC knives you'll ever own.

TriStar Knives provides high quality EDC knives with beautiful and unique designs that will last you a lifetime.

Up Next: The Whaler

This knife features a unique "harpoon" style profile and offers a lanyard hole that starts to hit finger 4 for a fuller grip while still small enough to serve perfectly as an EDC.

Latest Run: Poison

A total of twelve knives were made in this run. Six featured this unique drop point profile and six a sheepsfoot profile. Three knives of each profile were paired with grey Terotuf handle material and three with a tan variation.
9/12 Claimed (3 Tan Sheepsfoot profiles remain.)
Price: $255

Proudly Made in Tennessee.

TriStar Knives Designs


Looking for a knife for dad? Look no further, TriStar Knives are made to order.


Need to skin that buck? TriStar Knives can make hunting knives for men that offer corrosion resistance and superior edge retention.


Whether you're patrolling the streets of Baghdad or patrolling the beat here at home, TriStar Knives has you covered.


Need an every day carry knife? TriStar Knives can make one to your specifications.


Tanto knives from TriStar Knives have devastating stabbing power and will pierce even tough materials.


Looking for a premium handle upgrade? Choose between high-end stabilized wood, firehose, linen, or canvas micarta.

TriStar Knives

I’m a knife maker based out of the Tri-Cities area in Northeast Tennessee. I provide truly high quality knives that will last you a lifetime. If you’ve got an idea that you’d like incorporated into your next blade, or you’re interested in my latest design, email me at and let me make you the best knife you’ll ever own.

How to make a knife


Design the Blade

TriStar Knives continually produces unique and beautiful designs for all of the blades, handle, and sheath designs.


Cut & Shape the Blade

Whether using tool steel, carbon steel, or stainless steel, TriStar Knives is truly a cut above the rest.


Add the Bevel

Between TriStar Knives' belt sander and file sets, you can be sure you'll get a high quality knife with a razor-like edge.


Drill & Finish

Here at TriStar Knives blades are drilled and given an initial finish before heat treatment begins.


Heat Treatment

TriStar Knives heats each blade until it's demagnetized and then quenches it in oil. Then the blade is tempered by steadily heating it to just the right temperature, and maintaining that temperature, for exactly as long as the steel calls for.


Finish the Blade

Hand sanding steel can be a long and tedious process, but the results speak for themselves and my customers agree.

TriStar Knives Testimonials

“I wasn’t having the best of luck with knife makers, but thanks to TriStar Knives I finally found a knife maker who has the perfect balance of durability and artistic design.”
Scott W.
“TriStar Knives took knifemaking to the next level. Matt is really top-notch, which is amazing considering the fair prices of the knives!”
John T.
“Highly recommended! Matt has such a big variety of knife designs that I can always find something new and interesting for me based on what I’m in the mood for!”
Jennifer C.
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